La Mancha, New Portugese Spanish Restaurant at Downtown

A new interesting place is open at Downtown Miami called La Mancha. It brings Spanish, Portuguese food with a Brazilian flair. La Mancha prides itself to serve marvelous food and service in Miami, FL. Whether you’re in the mood for steak, seafood, paellas or tapas – an exceptional escape awaits with every La Mancha’s visit. Check out and experience a new era of flavorful food and dining. Here is more information about La Mancha :


According to :

“Yes, there is potato-and-ham Spanish tortilla; skewered tapas with marinated anchovies, olives, peppers and diced Manchego; and gambas ajillo (garlic shrimp), but many dishes are influenced by Portugal via Brazil with coconut milk and saffron-enriched sauces. Chef-owner Willys De Assis is from Governador Valadares in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, situated in the third valley of the Rio Doce. He learned to cook from his mother, who ran a restaurant. He became a butcher influenced by his father-in-law and owned three butcher shops working with cousins and uncles, and then he ran a burger joint that became very well known. Ten years ago De Assis came to Florida’s Fernandina Beach, named in honor of King Ferdinand VII of Spain, as in the 1700s there was a Spanish settlement on Amelia Island. He opened his first La Mancha, but tourists from Miami persuaded him to open here, and he did four months ago. Soon he will add Valencia-style paella for 100 people made in a huge pan from which servers will ladle portions (a big hit as his other place). ” written by Linda Bladholm.


According to :

“La Mancha sits on the spot that Miss Yip once called home and welcomes a completely different 180 dinning experience. This particular culinary experience takes you to Spain, where tapas flourish and the wine flows. Before we even begin to denote the tasty meal we had, it’s only fair to mention that the service was flawless and perhaps the most standout experience of the night. Although, truth be told, we ventured to La Mancha on a rather quiet night, our server was attentive, friendly, helpful and available at all times. The Spanish wine selection is varied and well-thought out. The tapas offer generous portions that don’t leave you yearning for more at the expense of a hefty price tag. Contrarily, the first dish we tried, the Gambas Mozambicana, was a plentiful and appetizing tapa. The dish had fresh local shrimp sautéed with coconut milk, cayenne pepper, pineapple chunks and cilantro, served on a pineapple that had been symmetrically sliced down the middle and scooped out to serve as a dish. The coconut milk and cayenne pepper gave the prawns a rather innovative taste on sweet and spicy. It was a well-balanced dish that skewed towards the sweet and left us very excited about the rest of the meal.”


According to Yelp :

“Food was phenomenal , service was amazing and the ambiance was perfect. The restaurant is very sophisticated and romantic. I can’t remember the last time we enjoyed such a great meal…..Give it a try you won’t regret it. P.S. To the lady that goes by the name R.S I was sitting close to your table and from the looks of it you enjoyed the food very much since the was nothing left on your plate. I did notice however (since you were yelling) that you did not want to tip the server which I personally thought was very rude and inconsiderate to all of the rest of us who were trying to enjoy a very good and reasonably priced diner. I suggest you check prices before ordering.” written by Edda (5 Stars).


According to TripAdvisor :

“Stopped in quickly because i was hungry! Wasn’t expecting much – had the salad with scallops – it was amazing! The dressing was very tasty. Happy hour is from 2-7 another bonus! I wish i had discovered this place earlier in my trip as i would have gone back to try their main courses. The wait staff was awesome! ” written by Pamela (4 Stars).


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