King Mango Strut Parade

The Weirdest Parade in the Universe that brought you The Marching Freds, The Synchronize Briefcase Brigade, The Booger King, The Million Chad March, The League of Dead Voters, Cuban Eye for the Gringo Guy, Idu Grab Prison, Weapons of Mass Distraction, Osama Piñata, The Hare Krishnas and the Running of the Bullshitters is strutting for the 33rd time!!!

And they said it wouldn’t last!!! What started as a rejected group from the King Orange Bowl Parade has grown into the wackiest event in south Florida (not counting the elections). The King Mango Strut is the most fun event Miami has to offer, full of irreverent, creative and wacky people and lots of opportunity to make fun of everything and anything. There is no better place for the strut than in Miami, Floriduh. It provides more material than the strutters can ever use. As creative as they are, even they couldn’t come up with some of this stuff!

The King Mango Strut continues to bring it’s off beat, off-the-wall mangomania to a new generation of MangoHeads and it doesn’t intend to stop. The 33rd Strut will be ready to strut their stuff on Sunday, December 28th, 2014 at 2pm in Downtown Coconut Grove. Warning: No one and nothing is safe from parody and satire at the King Mango Strut.

The strut route begins at the corner of Commodore Plaza and Main Highway. It turns left onto Main Highway and then turns left onto Grand Avenue at CocoWalk and turns left again at Commodore Plaza. If we are having too much fun we will go around again until we all fall down.

There is ample parking a block away from the parade route at the Municipal Garage at Oak Avenue and Mary Street, as well as CocoWalk, Mayfair, Coconut Grove Playhouse, St. Stephens Episcopal Church, and Coconut Grove Elementary School.