Kim Kardashian to Open Miami Pop-up Restaurant

Kim Kardashian has been getting more than her fair share of press this week, not all of it as glowing as the mother-to-be’s complexion.

First, Kim tweeted an acupuncture session; then she was trounced by critics for her supporting role in Tyler Perry’s new movie, Temptation. To make matters worse, this week’s National Enquirer cover story is “Fat Kim’s Fake Pregnancy.” Ouch!

But the mistress of media has found a way to turn her pregnancy and related weight gain into a business endeavor with the launch of Kravings, a pop-up restaurant in the Design District (4001 NE Second Ave.) that serves only food that she’s “kraving” during her time incubating baby Kimye.


Kim Kardashian via Twitter
Kim Kardashian riffs on an In-N-Out burger for her pop-up.

Menu items are based on Kardashian’s love of junk food, so don’t expect a lot of healthful dining with dishes like the Kanye In-and-Out Double-Cheesy Love-Burger ($16), Khloé’s Klassy Karrot Pudding ($8), Thick-Kut Ketchupy Fries ($7.50), Rob’s-a-Chicken Kebobs ($16 for two), and Mama Kris’s Kale Fritters ($8).

It’s no secret that Kardashian loves desserts, so the pop-up will feature a host of sweet treats, including Kourtney’s Rice Krispies Treats (covered in chocolate and rolled in Kokonut), Karamel Kustard Milkshakes ($8), and Kookies and Kream Frozen Yogurt (in an apparent nod to healthier living, $6).


The restaurant, which is open Thursday through Saturday evenings during the month of April, will also feature music personally curated by baby-daddy Kanye West, who has hinted at making a few appearances to try out some songs from his soon-to-be-released concept album of acoustic music based on Medieval folk songs.



Source : Laine Doss

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