Kate Moss Stuns in Playboy Photos

Kate Moss celebrated her 40th birthday by showing off her curves in a bunny-like fashion on Playboy’s cover for its 60th anniversary, according to the DailyMail.com.

Moss appeared on the cover in head to toe bunny attire. She wore a black, velvet leotard, white satin bunny ears and white cufflinks.


Moss, who will turn 40 on Jan. 16, seemed to do no wrong in Hugh Hefner’s eyes, owner of the magazine.

“She’s a worldwide celebrity and iconic and crosses the boundaries from sexual imagery to upscale modeling. It’s a natural for us,” he said.


According to the New York Daily News, the cover was supposed to be a secret. Moss’ hairstylist, however, accidentally reported that the model had already posed for fashion photographers Marcus Pigott and Mert Atlas.

On March 16, in a fit of excitement herself, Moss tweeted a photo from London of the legendary Playboy bunny.


Jimmy Jellinek, Playboy’s editorial director, told the Los Angeles Times that Moss was the perfect poster girl for the magazine.

“This is a massive global brand. You need a global icon in order to celebrate that – that was the impetus. You’re talking about the face of Burberry, the biggest supermodel in the world on the cover of Playboy,” he said.


He went on to say that Moss was the “perfect partner” to help Playboy launch their next 60 years of success.

“This creates a heat for the brand globally. It started with Marilyn Monroe on the cover of Playboy 60 years ago, an icon for her time. Now we’ve got Kate Moss!” he said.


Earlier this year, Moss posed topless for V magazine. She has also appeared naked in an ad for jewelry designer David Yurman and suntan lotion St Tropez.

Moss has joined the group of other famous females like Pamela Anderson and Dolly Parton who have graced the front page of Playboy magazine.


Moss, not known for laying low with a hermit-like lifestyle, has not revealed her plans for her upcoming birthday celebration.



Source : Amber Diaz