Kaori opens at Brickell

Kaori is a revolutionary culinary journey of all the five senses pioneered by Chef Walter Martino. The luxurious and innovative cuisine comprises of international cuisine, combining flavors of the world and different processing techniques from the ‘savoir faire’ of the renowned chef. Walter Martino bases himself between Miami and Ibiza and travels the world delivering his luxurious catering services to billionaires, celebrities, royalty and anyone who wants to embark on a culinary adventure unlike no other. Here is more information about Kaori :


According to Urban Daddy :

“Kaori by Walter Martino. It’s a new spot with edible gold, stilettos filled with tempura and vaporizers that you spray on your Wagyu, and it’s now open in Brickell. The chef behind this place cooked for the prince of Dubai.
And a bunch of other big names, when he was a personal chef in Ibiza. Rumor has it he made a dish that the prince paid one million euros for, thereby christening him the “Million Dollar Chef.” Such a way with words, that prince.”


According to New Times  :

“With colorful upholstered chairs, mild electronic music, and neon lighting accents, Kaori’s whimsical decor feels like a cross between a futuristic dollhouse and an ultra-hip gallery. Projected onto the blank white walls is a series of rotating animated visuals, from a closeup of blinking eyes to water soaring through the air in slow motion. The changing light and color tones create a fluid atmosphere that Kaori calls “Miami’s first 360-degree cinematography dining experience.”” written by Julie Harans.


According to Eater :

“Italian celebrity chef and the man once dubbed the “million dollar chef” Walter Martino has officially opened up his new restaurant, Kaori by Walter Martino, in Brickell. Located at 1250 South Miami Avenue, the 24-seat space features a menu filled with dishes that combine Italian and Japanese flavors and promises an experience filled with “cutting-edge, 360-degree cinematography technology with art, ambient music, and intoxicating scents.” On the menu there are a la carte options like rolls made with Wagyu beef and truffle honey, risotto filled with fish and saffron, and an “explosive” chocolate cake. There are also tasting menus priced at $300, $500 and $700, that feature edible gold and silver in them, naturally.” written by Olee Fowler.


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