Justin Bieber shows off latest fashion trends: Square sunglasses (photos)

Justin Bieber can create a fashion or show off the latest. The entertainer was on the red carpet of VH1 Do Something Awards at the Hollywood Palladium on Sunday night sporting a square pair of sunglasses to the cameras. While the end of the summer is quickly approaching, the celebrities of Hollywood have veered more towards the square lens of the sunglasses as the latest trend.

According to sun glass vendors in Los Angeles, the simple square sunglasses are already starting to find their way out the door as Bieber fans are coming in to the store to buy similar type glasses. While there are slightly square frames, the glasses worn by Justin were completely square and could be worn by fans of either gender.

“We had over 30 pair on Sunday,” said Matt Lowe an employee of a sunglass store in Los Angeles. “We are down to 2 pairs and have orders for white pairs on order. We have had dozens of calls since the show as fans love the pair.”

The square glasses are completely out of stock at several dozen stores around the area. With several brands, the glasses range from $15 to $155 depending on the designer.

The square look isn’t anything seen on the red carpet for a while. The younger stars have stuck to the rounder frames for premieres, but with Justin Bieber’s latest look, expect that to change as the fans love these lens.

Take a look at the latest trend of sunglass fashion that Justin Bieber wore.

Source : www.examiner.com