Jugofresh opens Pop Up R+D Kitchen at South Beach

Jugofresh at South Pointe decide to expand a bit of their business. They open a pop up restaurant called R+D Kitchen. The popular juice bar announced and open the restaurant inside the jugofresh location at South Beach. The menu will be created by jugofresh’s Executive Chef Darren Laszlo will feature a menu filled with, shared plates, vegan charcuterie boards, superfood sweets, cold-pressed juice mocktails, sake cocktails and a curated organic wine. The 30-seat restaurant will be open for dinner Thursday through Saturday as well as brunch on Saturday and Sunday for a, “limited summer run.” The jugofresh will stay in open during the daytime however Monday through Friday. Here is more information about R+D Kitchen :


According to Urban Daddy :

“If you’re looking for bacon-wrapped brisket fried in duck fat, turn around right now. But if you’re looking for a charming, candle-lit setup with potted plants and intimate wood-topped tables to escort a herbivore-leaning yogi to, congratulations. Date night should go swimmingly. Well, until later this summer. That’s when they’re closing up shop. Then you’ll actually have to do yoga or something. Thursday to Saturday. That’s when they’re serving dinner. It’s also when you’ll sit down at the six-seat marble chef’s table and procure a couple of port and sake drinks. Like the KP Social Club with shiso, lime and junmai sake. If said potables lead to things like eating (it’s been known to happen), you’re ordering the Pa/ella with cauliflower quinoa saffron. And the butterscotch buckwheat with passion leche. There’s always room for butterscotch buckwheat.”


According to New Times :

“Jugofresh founder Matt Sherman says the reason for the pop-up, billed R+D Kitchen, is to stretch the imagination and skills of Chef Paco. “It’s been great making juice for Miami and it’s been one way to highlight Chef Paco’s talents but the food you’ll see at our R+D Kitchen pop up will be on a level that you haven’t see from us before.” To create the pop-up, the 30-seat Jugofresh location will be transformed with intimate lighting and playful decor to compliment the dishes and, of course, the cocktails. The drinks have been developed by Chris Devlin who was tasked with pairing sakes and champagnes with Jugofresh’s cold-pressed juices to make healthful and delicious libations. Some examples include the Kyoto Prefecture Social Club, made from raw honey, lime, mint, and organic, unfiltered sake, and the Fresa, Don’t Miel at Me with raw honey, muddled strawberries, raw ginger syrup, and organic unfiltered sake. If you insist on keeping you body as an alcohol-free temple, Devlin will also offer a range of cold-pressed juice mocktails.” written by Laine Doss.


According to worldredeye :

“R+D is not your typical grab-and-go stop you usually experience at jugofresh. Starting today, the pop-up, will be taking over jugofresh and transforming it into a full service dining experience filled with beautifully plated plant-based dishes, organic wine and, yes what we’ve all been waiting for, cocktails! Chef Darren “Paco” Laszlo has curated an extensive menu filled with the freshest, organic eats that is guaranteed to leave any consumer wanting more. Chris Devlin has joined “Paco” in adding his touch to the cocktail selection. The two of them are spearheading this amazing project and showing Miami what clean eating is all about. “Most people who open raw/vegan restaurants in Miami have no culinary experience, so having Chef Darren “Paco” Laszlo with such a strong culinary background makes a huge difference,” exclaims Sherman.”


Stay tuned at Miami City Social for more information.