John Varvatos Comes to South Beach

You know the saying “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”…

Well, we were just thinking, you know who has a pretty great job: every lead singer of every rock band ever.

Here to help you look the part is John Varvatos South Beach, your new home for effortlessly edgy handsomeness (think slim motorcycle jackets and leather Converse sneakers), now open on Lincoln Road.


John Varvatos. No introduction necessary. But… you’re getting one anyway. He makes the sort of clothes Iggy Pop would wear when Iggy Pop actually wears clothes. And now, he sells those sorts of clothes from a cavernous concert hall of a space in SoBe. One with tall ceilings, smoky mirrors, bright-red brick walls and 30 black crystal chandeliers (we know because we counted).

You’ll want to come here when you’re looking to add something with a little bit of attitude/animal skin to your wardrobe. A military boot. A linen scarf. A square-framed pair of sunglasses with custom guitar-head hinges.


And while you’re searching for the new statement piece of your spring wardrobe, you may notice a bunch of striking photographs on display. They’re intimate, backstage images of bands like the Stones, Zeppelin and the Black Keys. Also, they’re all for sale.

Your bedroom walls are going to be very excited to hear this.


Source : Urban Daddy

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