Jacory Harris is Sorry He Was Such a Pain in Donna Shalala’s Ass

So, the University of Miami has decided it’s time to let Jacory Harris say words in public agai. They trotted their starting quarterback in front of the media today after he was suspended for the Maryland game for taking about $140 in impermissible benefits from Nevin Shapiro. Harris wanted to make it very, very clear that he is very, very sorry for causing any trouble to UM President Donna Shalala.

“I apologize to the university, president (Donna) Shalala, starting with her first for everything that happened, everything that she had to go through during this time,” Harris said according to the Associated Press. “Then all the fans, I want to apologize for something that happened our freshman year. We were all young, but still no excuse for what happened. And apologize to this team for everything that’s been going down and putting them through things they had to go through during this hard time.”

Yes, because that’s the true victim in all of this: Donna Shalala. Why won’t anyone think about poor lil’ Shalala?

Clearly, unpaid football players who run afoul of stupid NCAA rules should be very concerned about all the trouble their college president has to go through. Yes, the college president who makes about $1.2 million a year, and is one of the highest paid presidents in academia. Clearly, clearly, she needed to be apologized to above and beyond silly little fans and teammates.

By the way, Stephen Morris was also allowed to talk to the press today, and says he has no hard feelings about losing the starting job to Harris.

“My job is always to be prepared and always help Jacory,” said Morris, who expressed no hard feelings with the result of Miami’s latest quarterback competition. “I’ve got to move forward, get ready and help Jacory get ready.”

No Morris, clearly your job is to please Shalala. Snap to it.

Source:- https://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/