Vapiano Miami Pasta, pizzas, antipasti and salads are ordered directly from the chefs at the individual stations in the middle of the Vapiano. The chefs prepare all of the dishes to order in front of the guests. Everyone can have his meal prepared to his own personal preference. Favorite dishes can be created, and then individually refined. The herb garden and the fresh herbs on the tables are not just for decoration, but to offer the special taste that every dish deserves.

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Scott Keever 06/09/2018
Oh my God! Oh! My! God! The food here is to die for. People use that term lightly but i am not kidding. It is well worth the money. The service. Oh my god, the service. Just brilliant!
Madelyn Betancourt 11/07/2018
This is my first visit to this restaurant. We walked in and the space was open and airy. The hostess asked if it was our first time and we said yes. She quickly started to tell us about how the concept works. I couldn't hear her because the music was really loud and I could not understand her at all. She gave us 2 cards and a menu and we were on our way. We were so confused until we decided to ask one of the chefs and he explained the concept perfectly and with a smile. Basically, you sit wherever you please, pick from the menu either pasta, risotto, salad, or pizza then go to the station that corresponds and ask the chef to prepare the food for you. You scan your card when you place the order and then you go back to your table and wait for someone to deliver the food! Whew!! You can go to the bar if you want a fountain drink and again scan your card. The card is used to charge you for your meal when you leave. We ordered and the food was prepared fairly quickly. I had the avocado and shrimp salad which was delicious, my husband loved his Calzone. He liked the thin dough but thought that it needed to be stuff with more cheese, sausage and pepperoni. He loved the taste though. He also enjoyed the Caesar salad. My son ordered a pepperoni pizza and it was thin like he likes it. Overall, it was a good time with good food.
Juan Manuel Lopez 24/06/2018
A hidden gem in the Brickell area. Hidden at least for me. Great place for a meal with colleagues, families or even a date. I only went for lunch with coworkers, but I can see myself coming back some other time with the fam. I like the simplicity of the service. It’s basically a self-service offering. Food quality is perfect, temperature of food is adequate and presentation also good. Service is great. A friendly welcome at the entrance makes you feel comfortable and well attended. Seating might be a challenge in peak times - We were 6 and had to sit outside because there were no available tables that we could all fit together inside. I'd suggest Google to add another "$" to the price. It's a bit pricier than similar places with identical offerings, plus, it's a self-serve... so a "$$$" should be more appropriate.
Stephanie Soetendal 10/06/2018
Amazing! Food is delicious, with a wide variety of vegetarian options that are well balanced and nutritious. The manager knows what he is doing and has an amazing personality that is positive, courtaous, and uplifting. The downside is that they are always out of lasagna. For a reason. It is delicious. Highly recommend.
Ananya Gupta 10/04/2018
Italian food here is average at best. It feels industrial produced. The pizza was okay and the pasta seemed loaded with sauce for flavor. Even the salad had way too much cheese and dressing. This restaurant is not a very good representation of the Vapiano that I had in Virginia. However, if that's what you're looking for, you will be satisfied and full as the portions are big for what you pay.