The Swarovski brand represents the height of unmatched quality, unique variety, crystal brilliance, and cutting edge innovation. Offering everything from figurenes to fine jewelry.

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Matt 19/01/2018
The current manager is dishonest. She will lie to your face to manipulate you. She only cares about her store’s sales numbers. She has no respect for the customers. Even when she messes something up, she takes no responsibility for her mistakes. She somehow lost my order that has already been paid for, but she doesn’t want to lose the sale, so she has been stalling for weeks, lying to block me from getting a refund. She said she can’t replace my item that she lost because no stores have it. I called Swarovski and they said plenty of stores have it, but the burden is on me, the customer to get this store manger to cooperate because that is where the order originated. Bad management at this particular store and useless customer service staff at the call center. Now I understand what people mean when they say Swarovski is a junk brand.
Carol Keesler 03/12/2017
We begin every holiday season since the 90’s with the hanging of our first ornament from Swarovski as our annual tradition.
Kay Estrella 29/11/2017
Great customer service!
Rafi Nagli 31/03/2017
Never pay with cash, if you will need to return the product, they will do everything to keep your money
Valentina Sánchez Senior 09/12/2016
Nice people.. very organized