15% off at South Beach location with best table and no wait, table must be reserved in advanced!

Free Dessert or Bubbly at another location if visiting a STK outside of Miami.

All tables must be reserved directly through Nori at STK Miami to ensure they are reserved properly!

This discount applies to all Miami City Social members!

STK artfully blends the modern steakhouse and chic lounge into one – offering a dynamic, dine dining experience with the superior equality of a traditional steakhouse.

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Decresha Williams 22/04/2018
I loved the service, food and atmosphere. I would definitely go back. Currently looking for the STK in Chicago for my birthday.
Elba Dwyer 12/04/2018
We are giving only a three star because although the service was great & food was very good, they would not replace a side that came with my food that I have an allergy to. There was only one side with the food so I either paid for another side or I would have to just eat my meat alone. My wife & I spent $117 for our meal, I think they could have been more accommodating!
Carmen Ayala 09/03/2018
"Sea Salt Steak" but Great Service. The food was the worst, very sad to write this, but the service and the atmosphere was wonderful. The bread that was brought out tasted like "cardboard," the loin steak had a great cut and was tender, but tasted like someone threw sea salt all over it-that's all I could taste. Very, very salty. The tater tots were excellent. The mash potatoes tasted like instant (boxed) mash potatoes from "Walmart." This is a place to be "seen" and drink. If you are truly hungry for a great steak, this is not the place to eat. The waiter, the staff and the manager-Joe were all very, very professional. Attentive to your needs, but the food, it's hard to believe, the food could taste so bad? I understand someone might say, well you just got a "bad meal." However, it was also, my husband's steak that tasted bad with too much salt. Too many things wrong, cold cardboard bread, the funky blue-green rancid sauce served with the bread, the watery "instant" mash potatoes dripping from my husband's fork, the two salty steak. You might ask, well, why I didn't return the steaks? This isn't the kind of place to do that, even though, they might seems obligated to do so, the Chef may take it as a personal insult. Lastly, we only had the steaks, I didn't try other items on the menu, maybe the other items are o.k. but I won't be returning to find out. Any critic that gives this place a 5 star rating was neither drunk or "paid off." I would have gladly paid $250 or $500 for a steak if it was worth it, but I feel "ripped off" because the lack of food quality. You have been warned
michael chirino 07/01/2018
Checked this place out last night made reservations through google maps (open table) I received my email and table was available when we arrived. The waiter was ok not completely attentive in respects to refills and table needs. Managers or crew leaders seemed to pick up slack w no problem, the food is definitely memorable mac&cheese like no other! The ambiance was wonderful music for a Saturday evening was mediocre to my taste. I think it’s wonderful for a double date or group. LVL
Brian Bacot 01/01/2018
This place is an excellent choice any day. The food was served quickly hot and was mouth watering delicious. The DJ lounge was definitely off the hook. Located in the 1 hotel which has a happening lounge of its own. Great got people watching Valet parking is convenient. ( real plus)