Miami City Social organizes and produces the best resident events at high-end luxury condominium buildings. While at the same time, keeping you informed of all the local events, new openings and more! Miami City Social also supports over 13 local charities and helps produce community events.

As we resident event organizers, this places us in a perfect position to connect local businesses with their residential neighbors and promote what is best in Miami! Accordingly, we have set up the Resident Loyalty Program, which allows residents to join for $20 a month and save hundreds of dollars at their favourite local restaurants!

Start promoting your business with Miami City Social to all your local residents just steps away from your business!

See below previous events organized by Miami City Social

Resident Events:
1060 Brickell Avenue 3rd Annual Resident Event January 2018: 467 Attendees and 34 vendors!
Halloween at the IVY Annual Resident Event October 2016: 465 Attendees and 32 vendors!
Wind By Neo 4th Annual Resident Event: April 2017 420 and 27 vendors!
Community Events:
Paper Hearts Event at the Freedom Tower, February 2014: 500 Attendees and 30 Vendors!

Miami Residents Events Organized By Miami City Social!


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This is an exclusive event for the residents of 1060 Brickell Avenue Condo which is having it’s Annual Holiday Party for the residents. Miami City Social will be producing this event on behalf of the condominium association. We are expecting about 460 residents to attend, and we’ll be having around 35 sponsors at the event, to provide the residents with an amazing night full of music, food, dancing and more! If you are NOT a resident of 1060 Brickell Avenue Condo or a guest of one, you have to be a paid member of Miami City Social to attend.  


8 AM–6 PM


8 AM–6 PM


8 AM–6 PM


8 AM–6 PM


8 PM–12 AM


12 AM-6 PM



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