Marlins Park is a baseball park located in Miami, Florida. It is the current home of the Miami Marlins, the city’s Major League Baseball franchise.

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Insight Kitty 30/05/2018
The main reason why I love this stadium is because its pretty newly built and has A/C. When they have the stadiums roof closed, there's no worries on getting a sunburn or being sweaty. You can enjoy everything seamlessly! The stadium is not too big but in a way, it makes for a better, closer view of the games. Anywhere you sit, you get a good, comfortable view because of the seating arrangement and how there's no seating in the back part of the field. The lighting in here is also very bright! Food and drink options are fantastic and one of the cleanest stadiums I've been to! Make sure to arrive extra early because traffic is horrible.
Hope Reynolds 25/05/2018
The only time we have visited and watched a game was through the Town of Miami Lakes Elderly Affairs Committee. This group is in charge of many programs and events for Seniors in Miami Lakes and it does a remarkable job by engaging buses that drive Seniors to places they would otherwise not be able to visit or afford. It was wonderful, they took excellent care of us and because of the retractable roof, we were never too hot or in any discomfort. Highly recommend.
Mikeymike 25/05/2018
So what if all the big names are gone ! The place is probably one of my top ten parks to go to . Been there way over 50 times and it just is so inviting! Great place to grab a weekday game and kick back a coldie and cracker Jacks , if you do not like baseball it is still a place to walk around ! There is always something for everyone! I am a die hard Yankee fan , but had to pick a team down here to enjoy !
Enrique Ortiz 03/04/2018
Marlins park is a marvelous Stadium. It definitely has a very modern feel to it. I personally stayed and watch the game from the MVP Suite by first base, and it definitely was a great time. I don't think I ever want to go back to watching any type of sport if it's not in one of the Suites. As for the actual Marlins, I have to say it was very hard to see that everyone was a Chicago Cubs fan. I can't imagine what it's like to play in your home turf and not have much of a fan base, and hear everyone cheer for the away team. But I guess that is what happens when you are a team that sells all your players.
Sabjre Dobson 31/03/2018
It is a beautiful park, enjoyed the open ceiling last night, clean, very well staffed and helpful staff. My only issue is the couple in front of me bought the SMALLEST cotton candy I've ever seen and it was $10?! For that price it should have been bigger than it was not to mention kinda crushed. I saw several and none were any better. I always buy cotton candy at an event and I did not at this venue . The other food and snacks were decently portioned.

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