Considered one of Miami’s best pastry chefs, Soraya Kilgore opens MadLab Creamery in Miami’s Design District. Have a taste of the “Fancy Tropical” a cone-like no other with passion fruit coconut swirl ice cream, edible gold, maracuya boba, and pina colada candy to name just a few of the toppings.

According to the Miami Herald:

She creates desserts that challenge the palate: a chocolate curd with rooibos tea, cherry marmalade, and black sesame gelato, or a so-called fruit curry, with strawberries and jalapeño.”

According to Zagat:

”Walking in, you’ll note the multiple shades of pink, the hand-painted ice cream cones on the floor and the ice cream sculptures on top of the shelves which will lead you to the realization that there’s ice cream here, too. And so many other things, like cookies and chocolate barks. Things from Soraya Kilgore who gave the pastries at Alter their fame.”

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