Daniella Kronfle is a fine jewelry designer based in Miami whose work is concerned with style and status through personal expression. Originally from Ecuador, Daniella Kronfle grew up in a family of Italian, Lebanese and Syrian descent and was educated in Europe. Daniella’s multicultural background, Latin American upbringing, European schooling and global travels are the cornerstones of her bold and unique design vision. However it was through her mother (a jeweler) that she gained a genuine devotion to the industry. A lifelong lover of art and history, Daniella has created a unique, personal aesthetic through daring stone combinations and unique color blends quite unlike anything else on the market. Ensuring the highest quality of design, product and service, and using only carefully selected gemstones and materials, DANIELLA KRONFLE is inherently international, authentic, original and luxury, embodying the global spirit of the modern world.

Kronfle’s collections have been showcased in two high-profile, internationally published books, Jewelry International I & II, alongside world renowned jewelry houses such as Chopard, Cartier, and de Grisogono and her work has been present in renowned international fashion and art events such as the Academy Awards Oscars, Emmy Awards, Latin Grammys, Miami Fashion Week, and international press such as Vogue, CNN, Hola (Hello) among others.

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