The Museums mission is to celebrate, investigate and explore the civic arts of architecture and urban and environmental design, including fostering an appreciation for the history, vision, and cultural landscape of Coral Gables; promoting beauty and planning as well as historic and environmental preservation for a broad audience, including children, families, and community members, as well as local, regional, national and international visitors. The museum optimizes its mission by cultivating effective partnerships, and providing programming that includes exhibitions, collections, educational offerings, lectures, tours, publications and special events.

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Melissa M. 30/04/2018
Please save yourself from this awful scam! when i walked thru the entrance, there were about 6 different doors leading to galleries. One of these so called "galleries" included amateur watercolor paintings which lined the hallway to the BATHROOMS ! Upon entering the first "gallery" I saw what I believed was a museum exhibit, upon further inspection there was a series of little black&white photos and bottles of "Miracle Oil " which was allegedly sold in the 1800s! This however is sadly untrue, as the SOBs running the museum are still selling snake oil to the public under the guise of "Museum Memberships" ! I didn't realized until now, that I lived in the vicinity of the worlds most elaborate and poorly executed scam! if i owned a cartel and desperately needed to launder cash, I'd open an exhibit with the exact same business model! Please save yourself a slow death from boredom, and never visit unless you need a lifetime supply of local magazines and brochures! This is very likely the most over-hyped welcome center in the country
Michael Blandon 20/04/2018
Fun museum with nice exhibits shows your the part of gables you never really hear about.
Ted Myers 17/04/2018
Beautifully designed and thoughtfully curated local museum. Includes exhibits on historic Coral Gables as well as humanitarian issues pertinent to today. We visited for free on Gallery Night (first Friday) to see a pop-up exhibit on Autism Awareness. While there, we also saw an amazing temporary exhibit on innovative temporary shelters used for disaster recovery.
Johanna Mur 13/03/2018
Very quiet place. If you want to know about the history of the city you should definitely go. They also have other exhibits (they change it seasonally).
Armando Echenique 04/02/2018
Very poor collection, this is NOT a museum is more like a personal collection, if you want to make you own collection you can find better stuff in E-BAY or Amazon. Don't waste your money for nothing.

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Enjoy a day out on the Coral Gables Waterway! This leisure canoeing experience led by Miami EcoAdventures and Coral Gables Museum staff encompasses both nature and history in a delightful blend of unique natural vistas and historic landmarks. We’ll explore Gables’ manmade system of canals, which added an impressive 40 miles of waterfront to the City – from Biscayne Bay through the residential section, to the grand golf course at the Biltmore Hotel. A surprising amount of wildlife can be seen in the water and on the shore.

Ever wonder what was in the minds of Miami’s earliest residents? Us too. Join us as we bring together some of Miami’s most unique historically focused institutions as we explore the lives and influences of Glenn Curtiss, James Deering, and George Merrick.




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12 –6 PM


12 –6 PM


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