Brickell City Centre is transforming the heart of downtown Miami. An achievement in innovation and artistry, the mixed-use space is comprised of two residential towers, two mid-rise office buildings and the EAST, Miami Hotel above a supercharged fashion and culinary experience.

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MARIA D PEREZ 12/09/2018
Like Miami needed more beautiful places! The mall is really nice! First easy to park and easy to access. Great stores and restaurant options. But just walking around is enough! It’s open and it’s beautiful!
Ralph Sarks 02/08/2018
The Brickell city center looks awesome! It’s a beautiful place to buy clothes. There are a lot of places to go and buy something nice. Such as Saks fifth avenue, Zara, and more. Also, there are some places to have a great meal, although there aren’t many. There is a coffee shop too, it looks pretty good. Although many of the places are very expensive. Also worth mentioning is that there is a paid parking lot below the place (Each hour equals to three dollars). But if you buy something, you may show the receipt to the person in the information center and he will cut 50% the price of the parking lot (only for having parked less than four hours). Basically it is a very nice and modern place, it is very big so be sure to know we’re you parked your car (although if you lost it, there are screens in the parking section in which you enter your license plate and will search for your car. But it didn’t work for me but maybe it gets fix at some time). It’s a nice one time experience to get to know this place. The only thing I didn’t like was that as the place is open there isn’t A/C (obviously). So, in a very hot day it may be a problem. Although there is a good flow of air so I’m ok with it. I would really recommend to anyone to come here and have a look on what there is to see.
Sebastian Solano 14/07/2018
Sometimes we live in a city that has hidden gems! This is one of them! This area is growing so much and offering a lot of choices, from restaurants to retail stores and cinemas! The environment is so peaceful even being close to downtown! Great for a walk in the afternoon and you'll breathe another type of air.
Benjamin's Life 04/07/2018
Brickell City Center is a very sexy place to go and enjoy the afternoon. Plenty of restaurants and shopping areas to get outfitted with Miami’s finest apparel. I loved that it’s partially outdoor the type of thing you can only see in Miami. It’s immaculately maintained and perfect place to catch the game. When we went there they were watching the World Cup Columbia game(Columbia lost) but still enjoyable.
Christine Oliva 10/06/2018
This centre is amazingly beautiful. From the structure to the stores you won't be able to stop looking around. The theater is a little pricey BUT WOW it is so comfortable and relaxed. The staff is great. They even have personal blankets for you. It honestly feels like a personal viewing of the movie. Amazing! 10 out of 10!