Six weeks ago, Bar Lab’s and chef Timon Balloo announced the opening of complementary establishments in downtown Miami.

Today more information has emerged about Bar Lab’s wine bar.

Margot Natural Wine & Aperitivo Bar, scheduled to open the fourth quarter of 2019, will offer wines and low-alcohol cocktails made with amaro, aperitifs, and vermouths.

The bar’s wine selection will specialize in natural, or “natty,” wines — ones made organically or biodynamically with minimal intervention and without chemicals or preservatives, and made from sustainably grown grapes by smaller producers and in small batches.

Bar Lab’s Gabe Orta says the decision to curate a wine program with natty wines came as organically as the grapes. “This is all Elad and I drink — funky, natural wines. We’ve really been into winemaking, and the way wine producers are making these wines is very similar to the way mezcal and pisco are made. It’s very similar to craft spirit-making in that the vines aren’t really messed with.” Orta and Zvi made a name for themselves with their cocktail lounge the Broken Shaker.

Orta says the wines won’t be from any one particular region, though he’s noticed that women winemakers are putting out some of the most interesting bottles. “We felt very inspired by the way they make wine. It’s really exciting what’s happening in the wine world. It’s like what’s been happening in the cocktail world for the past few years.”

The wines at Margot will be rotated regularly, and the bar will also offer tastings and wine education. “We want to share these wines with people we love and our supporters.”

The space, designed by Danya Hachey of MaD Artistic, will have a feminine and airy vibe, with light wood accents, original artwork, and minimalist custom furniture. The bar’s playlist will include contemporary and classic R&B, soul, and funk, with a focus on female artists.

Reviews from Tripadvisor: 

Date: 6/05/2019

Karen M
“You will love the decor and wonderful food offerings in this classy bar. The wine list is excellent, as well as the hand -crafted cocktail menu. Great service. Certainly a place to see and be seen!”

Reviews from Facebook

Date: 5/21/2019
Abby Tibbedeaux- “Great food, nice place for dinner! it was our 2nd Anniversary, and we got 2 free glasses of champagne 😁 definitely does not disappoint!”

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