Indonesian twins reunited in Sweden after nearly 30 years

Imagining you have a long-lost twin is usually the work of fairy tales but for two women it has come true.

Both women, who were born in Indonesia, were adopted separately by Swedish couples nearly 29 Emilie Falk and Lin Backman reunited.
years ago, and have now found each other after living just 25 miles apart in southern Sweden.

When Emilie Falk and Lin Backman were adopted from the orphanage in Semarang, Indonesia, their documents did not mention they were twins. But a passing comment by a taxi driver made to Backman’s parents about ‘her sister’ prompted them to make a note of the girls’ Indonesian names.

Back in Sweden, the Backmans found and made contact with the Falks, and although they met a few times when the girls were babies, the fact that they were non-identical, and numerous discrepancies in their adoption papers such as different father’s names, led them to believe the girls were not related. At that time there were no DNA tests and eventually the families lost contact.

However when Emilie Falk got married two years ago she started to think more about her family and adoption. “When I asked my mother she told me this story again, and I decided to look for Lin,” Falk told news agency AFP.

With the name of the other little adopted girl and through a network for Indonesian children adopted by Swedish families, she eventually found Backman via Facebook.

She sent her a message and included her birthday and biological mother’s name. Backman wrote back saying: “Wow, that’s my mother’s name as well! And that’s my birthday.”

A DNA test confirmed that there is a 99.98% chance the two are sisters.

As is often recounted in tales of twins that have been separated, the twins found many coincidences in their lives.

They lived just 40 kilometres apart in the very south of Sweden, they are both teachers, they got married on the same day only one year apart and even danced to the same song at their wedding.

The two women now keep in close touch and are considering a trip back to Indonesia to look for their biological parents.


Source:  Yahoo Lifestyle