Il Mulino New York opens in South Beach

Il Mulino New York opens a new location at South Beach. Their first location is a big success located between historic Sunny Isles Beach and Miami Beach. Now, South Beach also can enjoy their fresh Italian flavor and impeccable service. Here is more information about Il Mulino :

According to Eater :

“Il Mulino New York, the classic Italian eatery with locations all over the world, has brought its talents to South Beach  starting today with its new location in Miami Beach’s South of Fifth neighborhood in the former Clark’s space. The restaurant already has a popular outpost in Sunny Isles inside the Acqualina Resort & Spa Hotel. The South of Fifth location will offer guests a more modern interior feel, inspired by its Art Deco surroundings and the ‘unique Miami culture.’ The menu serves up its classic dishes such as Ravioli di Procini, Ossobuco Veal Shank and Salmone alla Grigila along with Florida-centric dishes created by Executive Chef Michele Mazza.” written by Eater Staff.

According to Urban Daddy :

“Il Mulino. It’s that high-profile Italian spot beloved by Clooney and Bill Murray (your motto: ‘In Clooney We Trust’). So, yes, it’s impressive—all stark white and marble. Replicas of Vogue and New Yorker covers splashed up on the walls. Waiters lining the sides of the room, standing at the ready. Which is to say… You’re coming here to make an impression. Or to eat an expertly prepared veal steak. Either way, you’ll want to request the corner table by the kitchen and make nice with a big glass of Chianti and bacon-topped clams. A little ravioli in a champagne-truffle-cream sauce couldn’t hurt either. Naturally, this situation is going to call for a big finish. That’s when you’ll ask for the Aranci Affogate al Grand Marnier. It’s oranges that are soaked in Grand Marnier tableside and lit into flames.”


According to New Times :

“Have a drink at the bar while you wait for your table and nosh on the Parmesan-dusted potato crisps. Just don’t have too many because the minute to sit at your table you’re about to feel like VIP. Five servers flock to your table, all offering something different — and you haven’t even ordered yet. Relax, this is Il Mulino’s way of saying thank you for coming, you’re part of the family.Complimentary antipasti comes in many forms — a tray of freshly baked bread that allows you to take your pick; Parmesan garlic toast; Italian sausage; spiced fried zucchini; and bruschetta with mussels. This is just the beginning. There’s also the Parmigianino-Reggiano that waiters take for a walk around the dining room, carving tableside to go along with the rest of your starters. Server’s keep up the entertainment through the remainder of the meal, encouraging you or shying you away from your options. Ivan from Serbia is really a bartender but for the sake of show they threw him out on the floor for last night’s preview. Executive chef Michele Mazza runs the kitchen, making sure servers are relaying the daily Florida-centric specials to guests.” written by Laine Doss.


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