Idan Raichel Project at Knight Concert Hall

Raichel’s exotic fusion sound returns to the Arsht Center for one night only!

The Idan Raichel Project went to the top of the Israel pop charts and turned a young keyboardist and producer into a household name in his native land in 2003. Soon enough, The Idan Raichel Project would become known around the world for its ambitious cross-cultural collaborations that changed the face of Israeli popular music.

Idan Raichel is a keyboardist, producer, and composer from Kfar Saba, a city near Tel Aviv. During his childhood, he learned how to play the accordion, the keyboard, studied jazz, and when he joined the army, he developed his musical skills even more by joining the Army rock band. Idan also worked as a backup musician for Israel’s most popular singers. Idan began doing his own recording and invited over 70 of his friends from Israel’s diverse music scene. Helicon Records signed Idan and his ethnic album became an immediate hit. Idan formed a group and called it The Idan Raichel Project. They have released four albums and in 2006, the U.S.-based record label, Cumbancha released a compilation of the group’s first two albums. Their latest album, Quarter to Six, was released in 2013 and reached double-platinum sales standing in Israel. The Idan Raichel Project has performed for U.S. President Barack Obama and performed a duet with world-renowned performer, Alicia Keys.


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