Ichimi Ramen opens at Coral Gables

Momi Ramen’s former chef debuts a fast-casual, budget-friendly noodle shop in Coral Gables, where diners slurp up modern takes on house made ramen, tsukemen with traditional dipping sauce and a range of izakaya small dishes like scallion pancake, fried rabbit and crispy pig ear, as well as beef, seafood, pork and vegetable gyoza. The place is called Ichimi Ramen. There’s also sake, beer and wine, and industrial surroundings outfitted with a hand painted mural and minimalist furnishings. Regular hours will be weekday lunch and daily dinner. A second Ichimi location is in the works for Miami Beach’s South of Fifth neighborhood. Here is more information about Ichimi Ramen :


According to Urban Daddy :

“There’s a former Momi Ramen and Lure Fishbar chef cranking out the noodles here. He’s Italian, incidentally. Which helps explain the curious additions of risotto and a carbonara bowl on the menu. And the lay of the land is pretty simple. A long stretch of room with a communal table in the middle. A mural-adorned wall from local artist Krave. A beer-and-sake room situated behind a glass wall that also houses a special noodle machine that cranks out 200 orders per hour…… Which is great news for your lunch. You’ll settle into a banquette and get started with a beer and some crispy pig ears. Then, you’ll move on to one of the three kinds of ramen—traditional, cold and tsukemen. That last one comes as a hot broth served with a side of cold ramen for dipping.”


According to Eater :

“Housed in the former Bread & Butter space 2330 Salzedo Street, it uses “authentic noodle-making machines” that are imported from Japan with ramen three ways – a traditional presentation of ramen submerged in various broths; Tsukemen, or dipping style, with hot broths served with a side of cold ramen for dipping; and cold ramen with a salad-like execution. It features modern spins on ramen like variations filled with seafood, veggies, and even one with a spin on the classic Italian dish, carbonara. Also filling up the menu are items like crispy pig ears, pork belly buns, scallion pancakes, fried oysters and gyoza made with beef, seafood, pork and vegetables.” written by Olee Fowler.


According to New Times :

“Ichimi, which means “dedicated to” in Japanese, will feature modern takes on traditional ramen, gyoza, and izakaya dishes while still paying respect to classical Japanese styles. The 2,000-square-foot restaurant, located at 2330 Salzedo St. in Coral Gables, will seat 60 people indoors and six outside. Ichimi will also feature a beer and sake room, with a view of the restaurant’s noodle-making machine. That machine, one of only ten in the United States, can crank out enough noodles to make 200 bowls of ramen per hour. The soulful dish will be offered in three preparations: traditional ramen, with the noodles swimming in a warm broth; tsukemen, where cold noodles are served with a side of hot broth for dipping; and a salad-like plate of cold ramen noodles mixed with proteins and vegetables.” written by Laine Doss.


According to Yelp :

“My summer dream food from LA has a legit spot in Miami now. I had the pork ramen and the soft shell crab bun.  Yum!  Keep it up and you will have a line out your front door.  Cheers!” written by Dominique S. (rated 5 stars)


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