Seasalt and Pepper hosts Ibiza Sessions orchestrated by DJ Bruno from Ibiza during Winter Conference Music week. Offering the ‘Ibiza experience’, a revival of old sounds enshrined in music mythology to create the ultimate lounging experience by day and cool underground beats by night catering to international and sophisticated patrons.


DJ Bruno from Ibiza was resident DJ at CAFÉ DEL MAR for 8 years then BLUE MARLIN for 3 years and most recently at ATZARO for 5 years. He also played regularly at SPACE, PACHA , PRIVILEGE, KM5, EL AYOUN and for the DIRTY DIAMONDS villa parties. DJ Bruno from Ibiza released more than 20 compilations; most of them for CAFÉ DEL MAR selling millions of copies worldwide.


Seasalt and Pepper, a waterfront brasserie and lounge, offers gastro classic dining with a 240 seat indoor dining room, waterfront courtyard and lounge on the bank of the Miami River with spectacular views of Miami’s downtown skyline. Their biggest seller, the Meli Melo of Tar Tar, is a delicious medley of tuna, salmon, scallops and watercress, served with avocado fries and finished with a small dollop of avocado ice cream. Other popular dishes include a wide variety of wood fired casseroles like their Classic Seasalt Seafood Casserole which includes mouthwatering jumbo prawns, lobster tails, mussels, clams, and other shellfish favorites.


Seasalt and Pepper, the epitone of the gastronomic and mixology culture in Miami offers a unique and delicious array of menu selections as well as an exotic variety of cocktails such as the Melonade and Blueberry Sangria to name a few. To add to this already sublime experience diners often find themselves hypnotized by the river culture traffic, whether it be tug boats, cargo boats, mega-yachts, kayaks, canoes and the magnificent downtown views and to add to the magic, our friendly pelicans who often visit to sample Chef Alfredo’s sardine grille made especially for our feathered patrons. To top it all off you can join them by land or by sea with 225ft of private docking available by advanced reservation.



Ibiza Sessions by Night 

Saturday, March 28th

at 11PM-3AM


Ibiza Sessions by Day

Sunday, March 30th

at 12PM-2AM


WHERE: Seasalt and Pepper

422 NW North River Drive

Miami, FL 33128