Hyde Suite at AmericanAirlines Arena

Heat games at the Triple A. Always a good time.

Matter of fact, we heard you love the view from the 400s section, beer being sloppily sloshed onto your jersey by some random guy and long lines for stale pretzels.

But in case we misheard you…

There’s the Hyde Suite at AmericanAirlines Arena, a new private lounge stocked with its very own bartender, plush couches and a choice view of all on-court activities, accepting bookings now.

So, it’s not exactly your average Arena experience. The parade of fancy food, private bar and black snakeskin couches might’ve tipped you off. In fact, it’s a lot like what you’d expect from Hyde’s neighboring lounge. Except the capacity here tops out at 32 people. And there are fewer scantily clad dancers. Maybe.

Which means the next time you want to watch the Heat with 31 friends, reserve this place. Once there, you can catch the game from one of 18 stadium-style seats or just kick back on a couch and view the action on a 42-inch flat-screen with a drink.

Speaking of which, your cocktails. They’ll be attended to by your very own bartender and bottle waitress. Yep, they come with the suite.

Because there’s no “dry” in “team.”

Source : Urban Daddy