House Nightclub opening in Wynwood next week

After years and years of planning, House Nightclub finally open next week on Friday, May 16 and Saturday, May 17. Opening a nearly ten thousand square feet area in Wynwood, surely House will be the first big nightclub in the area. Here is more information about House :


According to :

“Six years in the making, House is reportedly ready to opens its doors Friday, May 16 after seemingly endless delays caused by permitting. The supercharged nightclub at 1915 NW Miami Court will be the first-of-its-kind in Wynwood, a neighborhood commonly celebrated for its laid-back revelry and edgy art.

Miami-based Mark Lowe is the nightlife impresario behind the elaborate vision for House. He’s designed dozens of commercial, residential, and nightlife projects around the world, including Living Room in downtown Fort Lauderdale, which was also dubbed as a first in that area when it opened in 2008.

His promise to partygoers: to bestow a place where guests will feel safe revealing their secret desires, where sensory surrealism will take over, and where chilled, fragrant air designed to stimulate will fill the myriad rooms inside the nearly 10,000 square-foot space.” written by Galena Mosovich.


According to Examiner :

“Lowe, who has designed dozens of commercial, residential, and nightclub projects around the world, including the long-running Living Room in Ft. Lauderdale, knew that Miami residents craved something other than your typical exclusive mega club or low-key hangout, and HOUSE is anything but typical. I want people to recognize that my intent was to create the personification of a HOUSE; that it belongs to you. The difference here is what you do. It’s not simply about the structure; it’s what happens inside, says Lowe. And perhaps what happens afterwards, when you arrive home with one of the opening night giveaways in hand. I’ll be giving away HOUSE gifts at the door, he adds. Similar to what you might have in your nightstand at home… in chrome, of course. It’s all in the name of fun and freedom.” written by Tradina DeMary.


According to Eater :

“Think: kitchens used as bars, pajama-clad bouncers, and high tech 3D mapping on interior and exterior walls. Adds Lowe, House will be more of a living, breathing art installation than a nightclub, which is only fitting considering its location. My goal is to change the way Miami sees nightlife, and because this is a ‘house,’ all the naughty things you do behind closed doors will be revealed. Er, also expected: showers in VIP areas; beds with bed sheets; cocktail waitresses dressed only in crisp men’s T-shirts; even sexy little surprises in the nightstand tables. Sounds like a house of certain repute. House will be open on Friday and Saturday from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m.” written by Lesley Abravanel.


Guests can apply for HOUSE keys and pre-register to attend from their official website. Stay tune for more information only at Miami City Social.