Hot Shaves and Neat Whiskey in Miami Beach

Sometimes a haircut is just a haircut.


And, boy, are those the worst.


It’s 2013. You’re looking for a cut that includes a hot towel, a warm lather, a dram or two of whiskey and some pleasant conversation about the DH rule.


You’re looking for this place.

Ask for a little off the top at Junior & Hatter, a second outpost of the Wynwood grooming den that’s always good for a trim and a tumbler of something brown, now open at the members-only Soho Beach House.


So this is basically like their last location. Which is basically all vintage-y, worn and cozy as hell. Inside you’ll find 1950s barber chairs, black-and-white checkered floors and rustic wood paneling. Also, a horse trough. It’s for decoration. And horses.




This new outpost is over the causeway, by the beach and within the private confines of Soho Beach House. Which means you can’t just walk right through the front door. You’ll need to grappling-hook up to the roof and sneak inside or… make an appointment. Your call.


Either way, once you’re in for your summer cut, make sure to take advantage of all that your surroundings have to offer. Namely, restorative hot towels, wet shaves, a whiskey bar and the Cowshed spa. They’re Junior & Hatter‘s new neighbor.


Maybe see if they need a cup of sugar or something.

Source : Urban Daddy | photo by Elizabeth Renfrow

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