Healthy Living: Take the mystery out of migraines

Migraines headaches can be a nightmare for those who are susceptible to them. Nearly half of those who suffer from migraine headaches go through life without being diagnosed.

Migraines are headaches with severe pounding and are usually associated with a sensitivity to light and sounds. Often, nausea is also a symptom.

About 10 percent of those who suffer from the headaches can tell one is on its way by noticing what’s call an “aura.”

“Usually precedes the headache about two to three minutes by the most. It is usually a visual change and they see flashing light in their visual field. Other possible auras include abdominal pain.” Dr. Ken Schwartz said.

More women than men get the horrific headaches and the causes vary.

“Most common is weather changes, hormonal. Some women will get migraines associated with their menstrual cycle, certain foods, red wine is a common trigger,” Dr. Schwartz said.

Migraines do run in families, but precautions can be taken to reduce chances of suffering.

“Anti-migraine program. Reduce stress. Change your diet… if a certain foods trigger the migraine, exercise, and sometimes over-exercise or under-exercise can be a trigger. Change things in your lifestyle that you can do to prevent the headache,” Dr. Ken Schwartz said.

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