Greek Lasagna. Greek Beer. Here.

One of these things is not like the other.

Go ahead, take a guess.

Falafels. Kebabs. Moussaka. A Haitian church.


Okay, it was a trick question. They’re all alike.

Nice try, though.

Because they’re all at Mina’s Mediterraneo, a new spot dishing up dolmas and tagines out of a former Haitian church, now open on the Upper Eastside.


Walking in, you’ll want to take a look around the place and notice stuff. Like the old travel posters from 1950s Tunisia and Greece on the walls. And the eight-foot windows stretching all the way to the ceiling. Great. That was nice. And now you can concentrate on the task at hand. Namely, taking down an inordinate amount of lamb burgers, kebabs and Greek beer.


So grab a seat at one of the four communal tables. Make yourself at home. The owner’s mother is the chef here, and she’s putting grandma’s recipes to good use. Like the Greek lasagna (penne layered with béchamel and beef) and moussaka. Stuff goes great with a bottle of Mythos.


Which would taste even better at a patio bar. Yeah, that’s coming soon. Out back where the owner grows her own herbs in a garden.

She’s the Walter White of basil.



Source : Urban Daddy

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