Goorin Bros opens at South Beach

The Original Bold Hatmakers Classic styles since 1895 now opens their shop at South Beach. The place called Goorin Bros. The legacy of Goorin Brothers is one that follows a timeless approach to the art of hat making. In its fourth generation of leadership Goorin Brothers continues the tradition of authentic family craftsmanship and is supported by a team of individuals who share the same passion for the cultural, artistic and hands on approach to this century old brand. Here is more information about Goorin Bros :


According to HauteLiving :

“Located at Lincoln Road Mall, the 1,000 sq. ft. shop is at the epicenter of the vibrant South Beach neighborhood. With a unique and bold ambiance, locals and tourists will feel like they have traveled back in time. The sophisticated, yet hip and relaxed shop perfectly compliments the lively south beach scene and cafes, bars, boutiques, and fine dining that are found on the popular pedestrian-only promenade. Miamians and tourists alike will surely find a “hat home” in the neighborhood hat shop. Goorin Bros. latest collections feature an array of artisanal hats that appeal to seasoned and novice hat wearers alike. Hats are classical with a modern flare, always staying true and representing authentic craftsmanship. From fedoras to floppies to everyday straws to premium Panama styles, and ball caps to flat caps, Goorin Bros. Miami Beach has a hat for every head. To celebrate the opening, Goorin Bros. will host a Grand Opening soirée in October.” written by JULIANNA MEDINA.


According to MiamiRacked :

“Whereas most stores that open in South Beach try to incorporate the lay of the land (modern furniture, sleek design, palm trees, lots of them), this new Goorin Bros., the first to open in Florida, stays true to its rustic milliner image, with oriental carpets, dark wood furniture, and vintage trunks and radios to decorate. The only thing that differentiates it from the other 35 Goorin Bros. locations is the overflow of handmade floppy, straw, and Panama hats, because you can’t quite fathom a flatcap on the beach, right?” written by ASHLEY BROZIC.


According to Urban Daddy :

“Doff your cap for Goorin Bros., our city’s first outpost of the storied San Francisco–based hat-berdashery, now open on Lincoln Road. Look around. Cozy, sure. Looks like an old-timey hat shop with an affection for maritime affairs antique cigar boxes scattered about, life preservers and nautical rope in the window display, and 23-karat gold-leaf gilding on the signage. Oh, and hats. Plenty of those. Speaking of which, these folks have been in the hat game since 1895. And they’re here to make sure your head looks its most dashing. You’ll want to keep an eye out for their handmade options fashioned from straw. Because they breathe. And that’s important when 85% regularly shows up in your humidity index.”


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