Gold and Pepper : A SoBe Italian Spot That Cooks with Gold

Auric Goldfinger.

Scrooge McDuck.


One was obsessed with gold. One swam laps in the stuff. And the other is eating it on their ravioli for dinner tonight.

We’ll let you suss out which is which.

Take a shine to Gold and Pepper, a perfectly normal/intimate Italian cookery that just so happens to cover a bunch of their dishes in 23-karat gold, now open in South Beach.

Yes, literally, this place puts gold dust on everything. See, the chef (he hails from Florence) was tired of cooking the same sort of classic Italian cuisine day in and day out, so he decided to switch it up. Experiment. Try something different. And apparently, “more garlic and less parmesan” wasn’t different enough.


You’ll need to come here with a date who isn’t allergic to precious metals. Or small spaces. Because this spot is cozy with a capital C. There are just 37 seats. Your move: take two of them at a candlelit table by the window and do that thing called dinner. Tonight, that’ll consist of bluefin tuna… with gold. And pepper steak… with gold. And a warm brownie… with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Also, gold.

Of course, should you want something that’s strictly seasoned sans element 79 from the periodic table, well, maybe try a different restaurant. Or try the creamy gnocchi with snapper bisque and crabmeat.

Everyone knows gnocchi goes best with silver.



Source : Urban Daddy

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