Glee’s Cast in David Bowie cover to promote Fashion’s Night Out

As McKinley High’s resident style guru, a Glee cover of David Bowie’s Fashion is right up Kurt’s street.

But the one-off music video, which is the result of a collaboration between the hit show and Vogue, sees the whole cast get involved.

Made to promote the glossy title’s annual Fashion’s Night Out event in New York, it aired in the U.S. last night during a repeat episode from season two. It sees Rachel, Artie, Quinn and co get a glamorous makeover that takes them from the more familiar school gym environment to the catwalk.

It features the tyrannical cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, played by Jane Lynch, shouting ‘I love fashion’ and ‘get out there and shop’ through her megaphone, as well as leading men Cory Monteith and Mark Salling.

Naturally Lea Michele, takes the lead, dazzling in a sequinned silver minidress by Balmain. She is joined by Dianna Agron, who sheds her cheerleader costume for an androgynous look and Jenna Ushkowitz who looks elegant in a deep red structured dress.

More intriguing though, is seeing the likes of Heather Morris and Kevin McHale looking every inch the style leaders.

But for Kevin, it seems this trend-led look is more akin to his own personal style than his costumes for wheelchair-bound Artie.

Chris Colfer, who, as Kurt, gets more designer labels in his on-screen wardrobe than any of his fellow cast members told ‘Whenever Kevin sees me in an outfit, he feels the fabric and looks at the label, then goes and buys it!’

He admitted that it was his character had taught him how to dress well and not the other way around.

‘When Glee started, I had no idea who Marc Jacobs was. In no way was I a fashion person,’ he explained. ‘I did all my shopping at my small-­town Target. Maybe if I dressed better I wouldn’t have had such a hard time in school.

‘Now, as Kurt, I get to wear all these amazing things, by people whose names I can’t even pronounce.’

Lea too has stepped up her fashion game and admits to a current penchant for Oscar de la Renta – though, she says, she was never as bad as her on-screen alter ego Rachel.

She exclaimed: ‘I would never wear a sweater with an animal face!’

The show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, says he has watched his star’s style evolve since she first shot to fame in 2009.

He told the site: ‘When I met Lea, she was only sort of interested in clothes – but in the last two years she’s become a red-­carpet star.

‘I think what happened is Lea went to an event, and someone said, “Oh, you look pretty.” It was an interesting moment for her.’

Indeed the 24-year-old has such fashion presence now, she appeared on the September cover of U.S. Harper’s Bazaar.

Mr Murphy also explained why he was so thrilled to be using the show to promote Fashion’s Night Out, which takes place during New York Fashion Week on September 8.

Describing the importance of ‘aspiration and integration’, he said the Glee cast made for empowering role models.

‘From the beginning, I asked the costume designer to give each of these kids an archetypal identity,’ he continued.

‘We didn’t want them to look like generic mall kids. Now their looks are being copied!’

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