Free Boob Job Giveaway in Miami! One Lucky Lady’s Gonna Get Fake Breasts at Mokai Tonight

Miami loves boob jobs.


And honestly, if we here at Crossfade had our way, each and every Dade County resident — men, women, and all those in between — would own their own perfectly shaped pair of C-cup (or larger) implants. Just imagine what a wonderful world it would be if all god’s creatures had a big beautiful set of fake breasts.


Well, we will get a little closer to that dream tonight when Mokai, Empire Events, and Ransom Mondays give “one lucky lady … a FREE Silicone Breast Augmentation by Dr. [Sam] Gershenbaum.”


Working out of the Aventura Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Restoration, Doc Gershenbaum doesn’t just deal with breast augmentation. Blending “‘art’ and ‘science,'” he’s also a wizard of liposculpture, butt work, and vagina design!


Tonight, however, Dr. G’s only giving the gift of better boobies. And nothing else. So if you wanna enhance your chest (and contribute to Crossfade’s dream of a wonderful world), text “BOOB” to 38714.

Otherwise, call the Aventura Center hotline at 305-933-1838 to schedule the labia sculpting procedure that’ll make your private parts just as perfectly shaped as your big beautiful set of fake breasts.

Boob It!, featuring a free boob job giveaway, courtesy of Dr. Sam Gershenbaum. Monday, September 12. Mokai, 235 23rd St., Miami Beach. Call 305-531-5535 or visit