Florida reveals universities with most successful graduates

The Florida Board of Governors rewarded the state universities with the most successful graduating classes with cash bonuses, and the biggest winners weren’t those with the highest-ranked football teams.

The BOG handed out $20 million between the 11 universities based on three performance measures: percentage of Bachelor’s graduates employed or continuing their education within one year, median average full-time wages of undergraduates in Florida one year after graduation, and average cost to the university per undergraduate.


The University of Central Florida and the University of South Florida had the best scores overall. The second tier included Florida International University and Florida State University. In fact, FIU performed very well in the graduate salary category.

Florida Atlantic University fell in the third tier, along with the University of Florida.


Below are the complete list :

Metric 1: The percent of students who graduated with a bachelor’s degree that are either employed or continuing their education after one year of graduation.

Metric 2: The median average full-time salary of undergraduates employed in Florida one year after graduation.

Metric 3: Average cost per undergraduate to the institution.

% of total: The percentage the institution will receive out of $20 million.



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This is the first year of the performance bonus program. The BOG is developing an expanded formula with 10 metrics and it will have a $50 million pot of bonus money to award in the coming years.

“In this first step into performance funding, we’re excited to be able to reward our universities on students’ post-graduation success,” stated Tom Kuntz, chair of the board’s budget and finance committee, in a news release. “Meanwhile, we’re focused on expanding this system into a comprehensive and well-balanced approach that allows for each university to focus on its individual mission while also achieving system goals.”



Source : Brian Bandell

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