Florida Playboy Casting Call

South Florida has plenty of sexy to go around — about that we are all very clear. Every hostess, waitress and personal trainer in Miami has already invested in her double Ds and no self-respecting trophy wife would push her BugaBoo through Aventura without making sure the pudge below her navel has been yoga-ed out of existence.

What to do with all that sexy, ladies? Pack your bags and head to Orlando because Playboy is hosting a casting call for the entire state of La Florida and we all know where most of the pretty is (hint, it ain’t in Fort Myers).

The location of the casting call will be revealed only to those who sign up on the Playboy website (www.playboycastingcalls.com) and are available to meet September 7 or 8 in Orlando. Good luck, South Florida.

Source : www.miami.com