Fist Luxury Space Hotel Set To Launch in 2021

The first luxury space hotel is scheduled to launch in 2021! Orion Span, a Houston based tech startup has announced their plans to open the first space hotel for just $9.5 mil. The Aurora Station will have aboard 12 lucky guests who will have access to their own kitchen, cell phone calls to their loved ones down on Earth, and will be orbiting the earth every 90 minutes.

Prospective guests can already reserve their stay with a security deposit of $80,000. The CEO of Orion Span, Frank Bunger states, “It’s an astronaut experience, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to do research projects, or stare out of the window. Training will account for two to three hours a day. Factor in calling friends on earth and time will fly by.” The twelve days of floating through space will pass by with the 16 sunsets and sunrises guests are expected to see every day.