It may still be hot outside but when it comes to fashion, it’s time to start thinking fall. This month we are giving you some inspiration from designers all over the world.

About the designer: Almirante Street, where Jesús del Pozo was born, was transformed by the designer into one of the most popular high streets of Madrid. This neighborhood becomes a meeting point for the vanguards thanks to Jesús del Pozo who open his first boutique for men in 1974. Two years later, he showed his first collection for men at the SEHM of Paris.

With the arrival of the 1980s, the Spanish designer started a new project: he turns his attention to women and presents his first women’s wear collection. The elegance of his proposals and his strong vision of Fashion seduces both local and international experts. At that moment, the doors of the international fashion world were opened for him. The end of the eighties brought new challenges: the beginning of his Japanese adventure and his first recognitions for his work.

The arrival of the 21st century came along with the creation of new lines of products, including: accessories, sunglasses and houseware. A new studio was set up in Ronda de Toledo, it is a “laboratory of ideas” in which, Jesús del Pozo and his team are constantly reaching for new concepts, materials and forms. The results of this creative work are clearly translated to all his collections: Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, Prêt-à-porter and Brides.

Source : www.runningwithheels.com