Fall 2011 Ads Buck Fashion Trends of Ageism and Racism!

Jean Paul Gaultier skipped the new baby models seen at Prada and went for 90s it girl Kristen McMenamy for its fall 2011 campaign. In black and white with her now long, super blond hair, the shots are streamlined and to the point – the girl stands alone because she can. At 46, McMenamy is proving that the fashion indistry can skip that whole ageism nonsense to some gorgeous results.

D&G took a youngsters travel in groups approach, and actually embraced the idea of diversity. Juxtaposed to those charming Italiano black and whites for its main line, Dolce & Gabbana keeps it urban influenced for D&G. Starring Tao Okamoto, Melodie Monrose, Marique Schimmel, Aiste Kliveckaite, Alexander Johansson, David Agbodji and Guy Robinson and shot by Mario Testino, it’s an acid tinged lesson in brights for Fall, set in some surprisingly clean underground tunnels. See how there’s all different kinds of beauty?

source: www.stylecaster.com