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Miami-Dade County and the City of Miami Beach are honored to be hosting the 10th Annual Climate Leadership Summit on behalf of the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact! With the generous support from our sponsors, this annual Summit brings together hundreds of cross-sector leaders and innovators from government, business, academia, community-based organizations and regional citizens to facilitate climate-related collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the creation of new ideas for action. Join us as we celebrate a decade of unprecedented regional collaboration that has served as a national and international model, and has fostered bipartisan action and support for climate action in Southeast Florida. This year’s Summit will connect and educate attendees, forge new partnerships, and encourage creative approaches. We will Look Back at the lessons learned and progress made over the past 10 years, and explore how we will Surge Ahead in the coming decade and beyond, continuing the innovation, collaboration, and leadership in Southeast Florida to secure our collective regional prosperity, livability, and security.    Whether you are seeking an incredible opportunity to learn more about climate change issues and how they affect our region, or are looking to connect with leaders in this arena, this is the event […]

The Ivy Residential Building is having it’s 2nd annual Halloween Party for the residents. Miami City Social will be producing the event on behalf of the association. We will be expecting about 500 residents who look forward to spending an amazing night full of music, dancing, food,  costumes and fun. We are also going to have 35 sponsors at this event. We are looking forward to producing this year’s event and give them all a scary Halloween. Times Read: 0

The treasured fairy tale The Sleeping Beauty comes to life as NWS Fellows are joined on stage by pre-professional dancers from the Miami City Ballet School. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s popular music is sure to enchant and delight from “Once Upon a Time” to “Happily Ever After.” Concerts for Kids are designed with young ones—ages four to nine—in mind. Arrive early to experience a variety of activities by Miami Children’s Museum and other partners. These performances will be sensory-friendly. We welcome children with Sensory Processing Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders to experience the concert live in the hall. Noise-reduction headsets and a quiet room will be available. NEW! Beginning this year, two free Instrument Petting Zoo sessions of 20 minutes each will be offered during the hour before each concert. Tickets for these sessions will be available in-person to ticketholders on a first-come, first-served basis in the New World Center atrium starting 60 minutes prior to concert time. Each adult and child participating in the Instrument Petting Zoo will need an assigned ticket to enter either session, and the number of session tickets is limited to the number of concert tickets in your order. Ticketholders arriving late to their assigned session time will be […]

In concurrence with PAMM’s latest exhibition, Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Surrounded Islands, this screening presents four films on the work of Christo and Jeanne-Claude by Albert and David Maysles, celebrated practitioners of cinéma vérité: Valley Curtain (1974), Running Fence (1978), Islands (1986), and Christo in Paris (1990).   12:45 pm | Seating begins 1 pm | Screening begins Valley Curtain (1974), 28 minutes  Running Fence (1978), 56 minutes 2:30–3pm | Intermission 3 pm | Screening resumes Christo in Paris (1990), 58 minutes Islands (1986), 56 minutes 5 pm | Program concludes  Open to the public. Free with museum admission. First come, first served.   Times Read: 0

Ten Museum Park is having it’s 5th Annual Holiday Party for its resident. Miami City Social will be producing the event on behalf of the condominium association. We are expecting 200 residents of this hight boutique building to attend and have a fantastic night, we’re also having around 35 sponsors at the event.   Times Read: 0

1060 Brickell Avenue Condo is having it’s Annual Holiday Party for the residents. Miami City Social will be producing this event on behalf of the condominium association. We are expecting over 400 residents to attend, and we’ll be having around 35 sponsors at the event, to provide the residents with an amazing night full of music, food, dancing and more! Times Read: 0