The 2014 Youth Economic Development Conference: Hack-4-Youth Education, Entrepreneurship and Education & Design Challenge is an inaugural event that will convene 125 funders, private sector companies, policy makers, youth leaders, implementers, educators and researchers from Miami-Dade County.

The mission of the Conference is to CONNECT leading stakeholders, EXCHANGE information and achieve greater IMPACT in partnership with urban youth between the ages of 16-24. Youth Attend Free. Adults $20.00.

In order to achieve these goals, the technical themes for the Conference have been identified based on 21st Century Skills and Emerging Industry trends for Miami- Dade County.

The outcome of the conference is to engage and contribute to the youth economic development agenda in Miami.


Workforce Development

Gain knowledge, skills, and attitudes for gainful employment or improved work performance; and learn how to provide employers with an effective means to communicate and meet their demand for skills.

Enterprise Development

Develop and acquire the mindsets, skillsets and toolsets needed to start and to a grow successful businesses now or in the future.

Design Challenge- Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Participate in a diverse working group to design a solution to improve upon what youth need to enter the workforce, access quality education, and become entrepreneurs.

Gender Specific

Dialogue with Men and Women mentors to discuss youth economic opportunities that specifically relate to young women or young men in alignment with the My Brothers Keeper & My Sisters Keeper Initiatives.

Power of Technology- Information Technology Application

Learn about the world of careers in information technology and/or try new web-based tools that will enable you to become work ready?

Youth in Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism

Accounting for almost 10 percent of global employment and expected to generate 73 million new jobs by 2022, hospitality, travel and tourism is the world’s largest employer. Learn about the world of career opportunities available in South Florida and the world.