In conjunction with the opening of Victoria Gitman: Desiring Eye, the artist will discuss her work with PAMM Curator René Morales. Desiring Eye brings together 19 paintings representing nearly 15 years of labor by South Florida-based artist, Victoria Gitman. Gitman creates astonishingly naturalistic images that abound with both sensuality and conceptual sophistication. The exhibition surveys four major phases in the artist’s production, including paintings of vintage jewelry, beaded purses and fur purses rendered in true scale. In Gitman’s hands, these inexpensive objects are transmuted into things of beauty, exuding luxury and refinement while subtly engaging critical issues in the practice of contemporary painting. The exhibition also includes Gitman’s stunning “Beauties” series—a set of diminutive oil paintings on panel that reproduce graphite drawings on paper by the great French neoclassical painter and draughtsman, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1780—1867). The series provides a disarming counterpoint to Gitman’s still life paintings while underscoring the tensions that animate her work in which decadence vies with restraint, humility with ostentation, tradition with contemporaneity and cold precision with seduction and beauty.