The theatrical event of the year! The Hammer Trinity is a 3-plays-in-1-day epic theater experience! Join us for a day’s feast of story, tragedy and catharsis featuring over 20 actors, a 16-foot dragon, brilliant puppetry, model ships, stage combat and more!

The Hammer Trinity tells the story of young Casper Kent, who discovers he is the rightful heir to the Crown, recovers the lost Hammer, and defends it against pirates and the Crownless faction. Artistic Director Nathan Allen employs the epic format to create a multi-part, all-day theatrical adventure in the heroic, larger-than-life tradition of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones!

The Hammer Trinity is designed as the ultimate binge-watching experience. Performances are on Saturdays and Sundays, beginning at 1:00PM and ending at 10:00PM. That includes 7 acts, 6 ½  hours of play, and 2 ½  hours of breaks (including a dinner break). You won’t go more than 65 minutes without a chance to stretch your legs.

Don’t miss the epic theatrical adventure of the year!