Songs of Sin Bandera, remain imprinted in the collective unconscious of millions of people, they have found an echo in the sensitivity of the people who identify with them and, as Leonel says about the process followed to create them: “There is no rule specific, or an anticipation, as it comes to be is a subject that one of the two proposed as a basis to work on a harmonic sequence and with it, a phrase is appearing and gradually generates the song “. And on this Noel added: “If we excites us is indicative and continue there. We will always follow the path of emotion. It feels or does not feel “. To integrate the repertoire of presentations, Leonel and Noel asked their fans to send them a Top 10 songs they would like to hear. The response was overwhelming. They were received hundreds of lists and topics they will interpret “one last time”. LIKE us on and FOLLOW us on for The most up-to date information.