Jorge Drexler is the Uruguayan singer and composer who is best known for his Academy Award-winning song “”Al Otro Lado del Rio”” from The Motorcycle Diaries. Drexler has become an international favorite for the poetry of his lyrics, and unique style of fusing organic and traditional Latin American folkloric rhythms with modern electronic samplers and jazz harmonies. After giving up a career as a doctor, he quickly gained high acclaim for his music. He first became known as a composer, writing songs for other artists. Drexler has received multiple Latin Grammy nominations and continues to redefine the term ‘singer-songwriter’ by melding traditional South American rhythms, pop song structures and electronic fillips into an international modern sound.

“”He had a rapt audience leaning in closely to savor his pensive, puckish songs… Above the guitar Mr. Drexler crooned with supple, conversational phrasing, almost as if he were thinking out loud. He was, but with the melodic and rhythmic underpinnings of a skilled songwriter.”” — Jon Pareles, The New York Times