Geoff Dyer will outline ideas behind and inspiration for The Ongoing Moment, particularly his idiosyncratic categories for organizing photographic images.


Tracing some examples of particular tropes, hats for example, Dyer will ask what larger lessons can be learned from indexing photographs in a way that veers from traditional art historical chronologies and taxonomies. What is the further potential  of this method? Does it reveal something about the way photographers work, about a collective optical unconscious?
 “The Ongoing Moment is a masterful meditation on photographs, but what makes it particularly valuable is the way it shows how Dyer has mastered the art of the essay, understood as a piece of discursive, personal writing, in which great, often melancholy themes are raised with lightness and very dry humour.” Alain de Botton, Books of the Year, Observer 
The Ongoing Moment is available for purchase at the PAMM store.