“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will

make violent revolution inevitable””

-John F Kennedy

On Sunday, September 1st, 2013, local citizens of South Florida will be participating in a peaceful demonstration for the innocent

lives being lost in Syria. The civil war in Syria began on the 15th of March in 2011 and has since became worse with each passing day. The war began with demonstrations demanding the resignation of Bashar Al-Assad whose family has held presidency in Syria since 1971.

Nearly every household in Syria has either lost an innocent daughter, son, mother, or father. This demonstration takes no sides politically, it is simply trying to create a voice for the innocent people who fall victims to the controversy at hand. Not only are innocent lives being lost in Syria, with nearly 2 million refugees seeking homage in Lebanon the crisis is slowly spilling into Syria’s sister country as well. Nearly 300 innocent

lives in Lebanon have been lost in relation to the Syrian crisis, most of which have taken place in Tripoli.

A famous quote by John F Kennedy highlights the drive behind this demonstration “” Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable””. The goal of this demonstration is to direct those passerby attention to the crisis which not many people seem to be aware of and to bring those who are together. Demonstrators are being kindly asked to come with signs that do not ensue any further hate or anger but that promote peace, healing, and love amongst humanity. The creators behind this demonstration are

believers of peace through peace.

Let us come together for a demonstration that promotes love and hope for the children, mothers, and fathers in Syria who have lost those important feelings at a time when they need it the most. As humans we are not required but feel a natural innate need to give love and support to those who need it. Let us follow our

true instincts. With the support and unity of local citizens, the spreading of this love and hope becomes more possible.

Feel free to bring your drums and instruments!!!!!