Ceramic artist Nicole Cherubini will speak about the works of the revolutionary ceramicist George Ohr and his artistic process, including his inventive experimentations with clay. George Ohr’s (b. 1887-d. 1918) technique of manipulating clay through pinching, twisting and folding was radical during the early 20th century. Focusing on expressive forms, Ohr willingly neglected the demand for colorful and glazed pots, ignoring clay’s functional and decorative properties.

For Pérez Art Museum Miami’s Project Gallery series, Nicole Cherubini (b. 1970, Boston) created a new body of interrelated free-standing and wall-based works. Comprised of a diversity of objects, this exhibition responds to the architecture of the space and expands on the artist’s previous bodies of work. The installation incorporates new shapes into the artist’s lexicon and new materials, combining clay and wooden support panels that allow for a renewed consideration of scale.