Edge Zones (an arts events non-profit organization) presents the fourth annual Miami Performance International Festival this will be a weeklong festival : June 25-28. The program of performance art is accompanied by video screenings, talks and workshops. The festival is exclusively dedicated to performance art, an artistic practice of transcending borders that is widely discussed today mostly using only language and movement. It represents a structure for planning festivals, a vision for continuity between festivals, a commitment to community and place, and a dedication to new and under-recognized art. Unlike theater and dance, all MP ’15 performances have no designated areas nor are they presented on a stage, but rather on the floor, dissolving the boundary between the artists and viewers.

M/P ’15 is a tremendous opportunity for the public to come face-to-face with the breadth and depth of performance art and offers visceral and challenging performance works by renowned, mid-career and emerging artists from different countries, as well as more than 10 national and local artists. Events are free, but availability is limited.

In celebration of Miami-Dade’s diverse art scene, works will be showcased across the city in a range of sites, including: the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, and at Edge Zones Projects, Museum of Contemporary Art  in North Miami.