Kimba Fá is the first modern production of black percussion featuring unconventional instruments to be staged in Peru. Glass bottles, bamboo canes, buckets, knives, mats and pipes come to life as musical instruments in the hands of Kimba Fá’s percussionists. They tell stories of Lima, our capital, transforming its everyday noises into sound through percussion and rhythm. The show is named Kimba Fá, two African terms that seek to epitomize the spirit of the performance, which is appropriate for all ages. “Quimba” stands for the rhythm, gait and grace of our people and “fá” represents the energy and decisiveness needed to reach the peak and culmination of a process. Kimba Fá is a show that combines foot-stomping and percussion, turning these elements into languages and codes that create a parody of daily life. It is a contemporary look at present-day Lima, a city shaped by indigenous, European, African and Asian migrations. The city and its popular characters are the stars of this story, infused as it is with the flavor, the quimba and the cultural joy of our black people, who through this production wordlessly demand acknowledgement of their contribution to Peruvian culture.

(All performances performed in Spanish)


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