Jerry Rivera (born July 31, 1973) is the highest-selling salsa artist of all time, he has amassed a devoted, international following and released a prodigious collection of music since his debut in 1989,

Héctor Elpidio Acosta Restituyo better known as Héctor Acosta “el Torito” is one of the Dominican Republic’s most famous performers. His bachata music has spread across the South of America.

Rey Ruiz is a salsa singer from Cuba. Ruiz reached international fame across Latin America, Europe and among Hispanic music fans in the United States.

Eddie Santiago is a salsa singer from Puerto Rico.

Guayacán Orquesta is a Colombian salsa music band. The band was founded by Alexis Lozano, formerly of Grupo Niche, trombone player and arranger, and includes Israel Tanenbaum, producer, pianist and arranger, and is one of the premier salsa bands in the music of Colombia. Ostual Serna is the current congo player.